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Rotating Rug Hooking Frame - Tall

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Regular Price $105.  Shown is our beautiful, custom made tall hooking frame.  They are made of select grade pine.  Our taller frame is preferred by hookers who prefer to sit on the base of the frame for extra stability.  The post is glued and screwed making it extra sturdy.  The yoke is attached with bolts and screw eyes making it adjustable in tension and allowing the frame to rotate as you work without rotating the entire frame.  The gripper strips are set into oak channels that are slightly curved ensuring a tight grip on your backing.  These are custom made for us by Cozy Hollow Woodworking in Williamstown, Vermont.

The mounting portion of the frame is 14" square.  The seat measures 16" long by 5" wide.  The height of our taller frame measures 12 1/2" tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the gripper strips. 

*Easy assembly is required and instructions with photos is included with your frame.