Flower Bed Threads

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Flowers are unique.  They come in an array of colors, scents and shapes.  From the earliest crocus to the frost-tolerant mum, we enjoy their varied flowering times.  Others are grown entirely for their wonderful foliage, the blooms often unseen or ignored.  Some are high maintenance and some thrive without any care at all.  Whether planted in well-manicured beds or naturalized for random beauty, flowers can lift our psirits, inspire our creativity or just simply bring an unexpected smile to our faces.  Flower Bed Threads is a celebration of our relationship to flowers.

This wonderful Need'l Love project book contains 22 projects including, quilts, rug hooking, cross stitch, sewing bird, bolsters and pillows, wool applique projects and photo keepsakes.  Take a look at the picture pages to have a peek at what this book offers.  You'll most certainly find a project or two that you just have to make!