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Rug Hooking

Winterberry Cabin offers many options for rug hooking including our own designs. We carry an extensive line of the Need`l Love rug hooking patterns from several of their wonderful Need`l Love Threads and Simplies books and we`re adding new artists all the time!

With a cup of coffee or tea in hand, take some time to browse our fantastic selection. We`re sure you`ll find a pattern or two you just might have to try.

We have several kits available for many designers we carry.  Kit contents are listed with individual designs.  

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 Sub Categories 
Rug Hooking Kits
Rug Hooking Strips

American Floral Hooked Rug
American Homestead Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Antique Floral Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $59.50  
Antique Homestead Hooked Mat
Autumn Branch Hooked Pillow
Our Price:  $8.00  
Autumn Gathering Hooked Rug
Autumn Hooked Mat on Linen
Autumn Hooked Mat with Crow on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $18.00  
Autumn Pumpkin Basket Rug
Autumn Turkey
Our Price:  $8.00  
Belsnickle Santa
Belsnickle Santa on Linen
Our Price:  $30.00  
Bewitched Scaredy Cat on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $30.00  
Birds & Pomegranites Hooked Rug on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $57.00  
Birds and Pomegranates on Linen
Rug Hooking Pattern
Our Price:  $86.00  
Birds Eye View
Hooked Chairpad
Bittersweet Pumpkin Trio on Linen
Our Price:  $40.00  
Black Eyed Susie Hooked Rug
BOO Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Cabin in the Pines
Our Price:  $33.50  
Calico Rooster Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Cat on Star on Monks Cloth
Our Price:  $10.00  
Catching Snowflakes Hooked Rug Set
Our Price:  $9.00  
Charlie Brown X'Mas
Hooked Rug
Chilly Hooked Rug
Cottage Floral
Our Price:  $33.50  
Crow Haven Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $58.00  
Crow on a Jack Hooked Rug
Crow on Watermelon Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Crowing Around Hooked Rug on Linen
Our Price:  $21.00  
Early Morning Half Round
Hooked Rug
First Snowfall Hooked Mat
First Snowfall Hooked Mat
Woolens Kit
French Urn Hooked Rug
Fruit Stand Hooked Rug
Fruit Theorem Hooked Rug on Linen
Our Price:  $98.00  
Fruit Theorem Hooked Rug on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $66.00  
Garden Bunny Hooked Rug
Garden Hare
Hooked Rug
Give Thanks Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $50.00  
Holly Time - Hooked Chair Pad
Holly Time Hooked Chair Pad
Woolens Kit
Home Sweet Home
Our Price:  $38.00  
Hooked Holidays Pillow on Linen
Our Price:  $26.00  
Hooked Holidays
Hooked Stocking and Pillow
Hooked Strawberry Basket
Our Price:  $8.00  
House on Flag Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
House on Sheep Hooked Rug
Indian Summer, Hooked Rug
Jack-O-Lantern Moon, Hooked Rug
Ju Ju's Starburst Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $56.00  
Loose Change Hooked Rug
Marshmallow Hooked Rug
Moosechievous Hooked Rug on Linen
More Than a Basketful
Mother Earth Hooked Rug by Maggie Bonanomi
Mr Scarecrow Hooked Rug on Linen
Our Price:  $89.00  
Mr Scarecrow Hooked Rug on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $59.00  
My Special Valentine
Punched or Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Nell's Antique Garden
Hooked Rug
Night Before Christmas Hooked Mat
Old Glory Hooked Rug
Old Saint Nick Hooked Rug on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $37.50  
Out In the Garden Hooked Rug
Patchwork Weathervane Horse - Hooked Rug
Plum Flowers Hooked Rug
Poinsettia & Sprigs Hooked Rug
Poinsettia Garden Mat
Potted Sunflower Hooked Rug
Primitive Gobbler Hooked Rug
Primitive Star Hooked Mat
Rug Hooking Pattern
Our Price:  $26.00  
Primitive Stars
Our Price:  $50.00  
Pumpkin Patch Hooked Rug on Monks Cloth
Our Price:  $57.00  
Pumpkin Star - Hooked Mat
Red Saltbox Hooked Rug
Redware Eagle Hooked Mat
Our Price:  $30.00  
Reindeer Frolic Hooked Rug
Ripe 'N Ready Hooked Pillow
Our Price:  $24.00  
Rotating Lap Frame for Rug Hooking
Our Price:  $95.00  
Rotating Lap Frame for Rug Hooking - Tall Version
Our Price:  $105.00  
Saltbox Row Hooked Mat
Saltbox Row Hooked Mat on Monks Cloth
Our Price:  $18.00  
Santa In the Moon
Hooked Pillow
Our Price:  $9.00  
Santa Is a Star Hooked Pillow
Santa Joys Hooked Pillows
Santa Season
Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.50  
Scare the Crows
Our Price:  $40.00  
Settler's Cabin Hooked Rug
Settlers Cabin Hooked Rug on Linen
Our Price:  $65.00  
Settlers Cabin Hooked Rug on Monks Cloth
Our Price:  $50.00  
Seven Little Snowmen Hooked Rug
Snow Patrol Hooked Rug
Spool Tops Hooked Pillow
Spring Bounty Hooked Chairpad
Our Price:  $32.50  
Spring Gatherings Hooked Rug on Linen
Stained Glass Sunflower Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Star Struck Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $70.00  
Starbud Blossoms Hooked Chairpad
Sunflower Hooked Rug
Tattered Snowman Hearts on Monks Cloth
Our Price:  $10.00  
Tender Hearts Hooked Rug
The Jacks Hooked Rug on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $45.00  
The White Pumpkin
Our Price:  $8.00  
Turkey Tracks Hooked Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Uncle Sam Is a Star Hooked Pillow
Watering Can Hooked Chairpad
Our Price:  $32.50  
Welcome Ewe Hooked Rug on Linen
Our Price:  $60.00  
Winter Sprig Hooked Mat
Yellow Basket Hooked Rug on Linen
Our Price:  $48.00  
Yellow Basket Rug Hooking Pattern on Monks Cloth
Our Price:  $32.00  
Ziggy Hooked Rug
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