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Penny Rugs

Penny rugs have been done for many, many years dating back to the 19th century. Penny rugs are a testiment to the thriftiness and artistry of women in that time. Penny rugs are named so because the round "pennies" were drawn using a penny, which, in those times, was the size of today`s half dollar. Smaller sized pennies were drawn using nickles, dimes and quarters.

Fabrics typically used were worn out blankets, coats, pants, shirts and other woven materials. The most prized penny rugs were made of 100% wool. Offering a functional purpose covering furniture and floors, they also added a homespun charm to home decorating.

Today`s penny rug makers are welcoming the recreation of this historic craft and honoring the long tradition of needlework. Winterberry Cabin offers a growing collection of their own designs as well as those by other designers.

All patterns include full-size templates, easy-to-follow instructions, a complete materials list and a color photo for reference.  Kits we offer all contain Winterberry Cabin hand-dyed woolens.  We offer kits for several of the patterns we carry.  Kit contents is listed with each individual pattern.

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 Sub Categories 
Wool Felt
DMC 6-Strand Embroidery Floss

19 Cents-Wool Applique
A Winter Gathering Wool Kit
Our Price:  $80.00  
A Winter World Table Runner Kit
Acorn Hollow Wool
Acorn Lane - Wool Applique Penny Rug
All Hearts Come Home for Christmas
Our Price:  $8.50  
All in a Days Work
a-MAIZE-ing il-LUMINA-tion Dimentional Wool Applique
Amaryllis Radiance Bell Pull
America! Windowsill Mat, Garland and Shade Pull
An Apple a Day
Andrew's Christmas Tree Kit
Anjou Pears - Wool Applique Penny Rug
Antique Pomegranates Wool Kit
Apple Cobbler Table Mat Kit
Apple Tree Wool Applique
Autumn Beauty - Wool Applique Candle Mat and Pocket
Autumn Flowers
Autumn Grace Wool Applique
Autumn Leaves Shelf Scarf
Autumn Night
Autumn Sheep Table Mat
Autumn Wool Runner Kit
Autumn's Bounty Wool Penny Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Autumns Glory Table Mat
Our Price:  $10.00  
Awakenings Wool Applique Table Runner
Babushka - Wool Applique Candle Mat and Dolls
Backyard Gatherings Quilt
Our Price:  $35.00  
Basket Half Full
Batty Halloween Wool Mat
Be Merry - Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Bee My Honey Bee
Bee Skep Mini Mat
Believe - Wool Applique Table Runner
Believe by Penny Lane - Christmas Penny Rug
Believe! - Wool Penny Rug Kit
Bells and Boughs
Berties Autumn Wool Applique - Part 1
Berties Autumn Wool Applique - Part 2
Berties Autumn Wool Applique - Part 3
Berties Autumn Wool Applique - Part 4
Berties Spring - Part 1
Our Price:  $9.50  
Berties Spring - Part 2
Our Price:  $9.50  
Berties Spring - Part 3
Our Price:  $9.50  
Berties Spring - Part 4
Our Price:  $9.50  
Bertie's Winter - Part 1
Bertie's Winter - Part 2
Bertie's Winter - Part 3
Bertie's Winter - Part 4
Berties Year Wool Applique - All 12 Months, Patterns Only
Our Price:  $108.00  
Berties Year Wool Applique - April
Berties Year Wool Applique - August
Berties Year Wool Applique - December
Berties Year Wool Applique - July
Berties Year Wool Applique - June
Berties Year Wool Applique - March
Berties Year Wool Applique - May
Berties Year Wool Applique - November
Berties Year Wool Applique - October
Berties Year Wool Applique - September
Berties Year Wool Applique -February
Berties Year Wool Applique -January
Best of Show - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $12.00  
Beware Penny Pouch Kit
BeWare Wool Cupboard Keeps
Bird and Flowers Pillow
Birdie Batter Crock Wool Applique
Our Price:  $11.50  
Bird-n-Pine Bough Crazy Wool
Birds in Bloom
Birds of a Feather
Bittersweet and Moonbeams - Wool Penny Rug
Black Birds - Wool and Cotton Table Runner
Blessed Bee - Wool Applique Quilt
Our Price:  $40.00  
Bloom Where You Are Planted
Blooming Hearts Table Mat Kit
Blossoms of Spring Wool Applique
Blossoms of Spring Wool Applique Runner & Penny Mat
Blue Bird Kit
Blue Hydrangea Wool Applique
Bluebird Berry Vine - Wool Applique
Boo Cat and Jack Kit
Boo Kitty on Parade
Our Price:  $9.50  
Boo Moon Mini Mat
Boo! - Wool Applique Candle Mat
Bringing Home the Tree Quilt - Buttons
Our Price:  $11.00  
Brown Eyed Susans Wool Penny Rug
Bunny Wishes - Wool Applique Kit
Our Price:  $37.50  
Busy Bees Table Mat
Canning Jar Bouquet
Cardinals Chattering
Cat Crazy - Wool Applique
Cat in the Garden - Wool Applique Pillow
Cats in the Patch - Wool Applique
Cheerful Chickadees
Chickadee Wonderland Wool
Christmas Basket
Christmas Candle Mat - Wool Applique
Christmas Candy - Wool Applique
Christmas Time Wool
Christmas Tree Penny Mat
Our Price:  $6.50  
Christmas Trio Penny Mats
Christmas Wool Coverlet
Our Price:  $9.00  
Closed for the Season
Colonial Welcome
Colors of Fall
Cottonwood House Wool Applique
Count Your Blessings Table Mat
Country Acres - Wool Applique
Cozy Fleece - Wool Applique Penny Rug
Crows Picnic Table Mat
Daffodil Dance
Dahlia Candle Mat - Wool Applique
Daisy Table Mat
Dash Away, Dash Away, Dash Away All!
Dashing Through the Snow Table Mat
Delightful Daisies Wool
DMC 6- Strand Floss 100 - 399
Dog Crazy Wool
Dragonflies Candle Mat
Easter Baskets - Wool Applique
Easter Chicks - Trio of Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.50  
Easy As Pumpkin Pie Candle Mat
Elegant Eggs - Wool Applique Easter Set
English Flower Garden - Wool Applique
Everyday Crazy Table Mat Kit
Everywhere a Chick Chick
Faith Woolens
Fall Banners
Fall Crazy Table Mat (PG)
Fall Favorites Wool Kit
Fall Foraging Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Fall Garden Bounty - Wool Applique
Fall Gathering Wool
Fall Reunion - Wool Penny Rug
Farmyard Nights Wool Kit
Flax Farm-Wool Applique
Flocking Crows Wool Kit
Floral Whimsy - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $10.00  
Flower Basket Penny Rug
Flower Baskets - Wool Applique Wall Quilt
Flower Bed - Wool Applique Penny Rug
Flower Garden Crazy Mat
Flying Witches Kit
Folk Art Bird
Folk Art Flower Bowl
Folk Art Home Penny Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Folkart Penny Mat - April
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - August
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - December
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - February
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - January
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - July
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - June
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - March
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - May
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - October
Our Price:  $6.25  
Folkart Penny Mat - September
Our Price:  $6.25  
Forget Me Nots Table Mat
Fox Gloves and Morning Glories
Wool Applique Runner
Fresh Flowers (WL)Candle Mat
From Acorn to Oak - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.50  
From the Bittersweet Vine
Frosty Mugs Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.50  
Frosty's Winter
Fruits of Summer
Garden Blooms Table Mat - Wool Applique
Garden Row Wool Applique
Our Price:  $8.50  
Garden Sampler - Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Garden Table Top Basket - Wool Applique
Garden Walk Table Mat
Gathering Christmas - Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Geranium Baskets Table Mat
Geranium Baskets Wool
Ginger Boy Shelf Scarf
Give Thanks Wall Quilt
Our Price:  $28.00  
Give Thanks Wool Applique
Glory Bee! Dimensional Wool Applique
Our Price:  $17.00  
Gourd Harvest Wool Applique Penny Rug
Gourdys Gang Wool Kit
Gourdys Gang Wool Penny Rug
Halloween Cats and Jacks
Halloween Pumpkin Mat
Halloween Sampler Table Runner
Happy Halloween - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.00  
Harvest Moon - Wool Wall Hanging
Harvest Moon (H2H) - Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Our Price:  $12.00  
Harvest Moon (PLP)
Harvest Table - Wool Penny Rug
Heart Postcard
Our Price:  $2.00  
Hearts and Vines Wool Applique Kit
Heartstrings 2 - Candle Jar Wrap, Mini Mats and Ornies
Candle Mat, Chair Swag and Windowsill Mat
Heaven and Nature Sing
Here A Chick - Part 1
Our Price:  $9.00  
Here A Chick - Part 2
Our Price:  $9.00  
Here A Chick - Part 3
Our Price:  $9.00  
Here A Chick - Part 4
Our Price:  $9.00  
Here A Chick - Part 5
Our Price:  $9.00  
Here A Chick - Part 6
Our Price:  $9.00  
Hexi Honeycombs Wool Applique Mats
Ho! Ho! Ho! Wool Kit
Our Price:  $78.50  
Holiday Basket - Wool Applique Penny Rug
Holiday Poinsettias
Our Price:  $8.50  
Holidays Woolen Pillow
Holly and Poinsettia Runner
Holly Wreath Penny Rug
Hollyhock Bell Pull
Wool Applique
Home for the Holidays
Home is Where the Heart is - Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home Wool Kit
Our Price:  $65.00  
House on the Hill
Humble Farm - Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Humming Glory - Wool Applique
I Love Ewe Wool
Ice Skates - Wool Applique Candle Mat
It Must Be Saint Nick
Jack Be Spooky Wool Applique
January Flight Wool Applique
Jingle Bell Santa
JOY Pillow and Pin Box
Our Price:  $9.00  
JOY Table Runner
Joyeux Noel Wool Penny Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Kris Kringle - Wool Penny Rug
Lady Bugs - Wool Applique Penny Mat
Land That I Love Wool - Runner Only
Late Bloomers Penny Rug
Late Summer - Wool Applique Penny Rug
Le Petit Fleur Wool
Liberty House
Little Ladies Candle Mat
Little Peep - Mini Wool Penny Rug
Little Pilgrims Candle Mat
Love Ya Man! Table Mat
Lovely Lilies Wool Kit
March Hare
Marigolds Wool Applique Mat
May Day
Our Price:  $9.00  
Memere's Pincushion - Wool Applique Candle Mat and Pincushion
Merrie Christmas Tree Quilt - Buttons
Our Price:  $5.50  
Merrie Christmas Wall Quilt
Our Price:  $28.00  
Merrie Halloween Wall Quilt
Our Price:  $28.00  
Merry Christmas to All Woolens Kit
Merry Merry - Wool Appliqued Wall Hanging
Midnight Garden Woolens Kit
Midnight Harvest Cotton and Wool Quilt
Our Price:  $10.00  
Midsummer Meadow Runner
Mill Creek Run - Wool Applique
Mistletoe Magic
Our Price:  $9.00  
Moonshine - Wool Applique
Mr. Blue Bird - Mini Wool Penny Rug
My Favorite Things (PLP) Wool
My Favorite Things Table Mat
Our Price:  $15.00  
Needful Things Table Mat
Needles-n-Pins Wool Applique Trio
Our Price:  $9.50  
Nesting Time Table Mat
Night Before Christmas
Night Watchman - Wool Applique
No Place Like Home - Wool Applique
Noel - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.50  
O Holy Night - Wool Applique
O Tannenbaum - Wool Applique Penny Rug
O Wooly Christmas Tree
Our Price:  $9.00  
Oak'N Berries Wool Applique Table Runner
Ocean Breeze
Old Brown Pot
Our Price:  $8.50  
Old Crow - Wool Applique Table Runner
Old Crow and Company - Wool Applique
Old Glory Penny Rug
Old St. Nick Penny Rug
Olde Holiday Branch
Our Price:  $9.00  
Out on a Limb Woolens
Out on a Limb
Wool Applique Penny Rug
Owl'Ways Thankful - Wool Applique Wall Quilt
Painted Daisies
Partridge in a Pear Tree
Pear Blossoms - Wool Applique Table Runner
Pear Medley - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.50  
Pears Wool Table Mat
Peek A Boo Bunnies
Penny Mats thru the Year - April
Penny Mats thru the Year - August
Penny Mats thru the Year - December
Penny Mats thru the Year - February
Penny Mats thru the Year - January
Penny Mats thru the Year - July
Penny Mats thru the Year - June
Penny Mats thru the Year - March
Penny Mats thru the Year - May
Penny Mats thru the Year - November
Penny Mats thru the Year - October
Penny Mats thru the Year - September
Penny Paws Wool Applique Mat
Penny Postcard
Our Price:  $2.00  
Penny Pumpkin - Mini Wool Penny Rug
Penny Rug Garden
Penny Sampler Woolens
Penny Sheep Candle Mat
Petal Postcard
Our Price:  $2.00  
Pig Heaven Wool Applique Runner
Pineapple Grove - Wool Penny Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Pineapple Postcard
Our Price:  $2.00  
Pineapples Wool Table Mat
Poinsettia Floral Penny Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
Poinsettia Runner - Wool Applique Mat
Poinsettia Table Runner
Pomegranate Table Runner
Our Price:  $9.00  
Pomegranates Wool Table Mat
Pop Art Posies - Wool Applique Table Runner
Poppies and Iris - Wool Applique Runner
Prairie Rose Table Runner
Pretty Blooms - Wool Applique Table Mats
Our Price:  $9.50  
Pretty Peonies Wool Table Mat
Prim Candles Candle Mat
Prim Sunflowers - Wool Applique
Primitive Holiday Touches - Wool Applique Table Cover
Primitive Pineapple
Primitive Pineapple - Wool Applique Table Mat
Prize Pick - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $12.00  
Pumpkin Farm Wool Kit
Pumpkin Harvest - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $12.00  
Pumpkin Harvest (H2H) - Wool Applique Table Runner
Pumpkin Party Wool
Pumpkin Table Mat Kit
Pumpkin Trio Table Mat
Pumpkin Trio Table Mat
Pumpkins and Owls Penny Rug
Pumpkins and Owls Shelf Scarf
Pumpkins Wool Table Mat
Purple Coneflowers - Wool Penny Rug
Purrfectly Pieced - All Wound Up Part 3
Purrfectly Pieced - Home Sweet Home Part 4
Purrfectly Pieced - Patchwork Posies Part 2
Purrfectly Pieced - Quack Part 5
Purrfectly Pieced - Tomato Vine Part 1
Rambling Rabbit
Red Geraniums - Wool Penny Rug
Redware Flower Table Mat
Reindeer Walk Table Runner
Rendezvous Wool
Retro Roosters - Wool Applique Candle Mat
Rhapsody Wool
Running Rabbits - Wool Applique Table Mat
Rustic Star - Wool Applique Table Runner
Saltbox House - May Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - April Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - August Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - December
Saltbox House - February Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - January Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - July Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - June Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - March Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - November
Saltbox House - October Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House - September Wool Kit
Our Price:  $18.00  
Saltbox House Part 1 - Wool Applique
Saltbox House Part 2 - Wool Applique
Saltbox House Part 3 - Wool Applique
Saltbox Table Mat
Scalloped Hearts - Wool Applique Table Mat
Scalloped Pumpkin Runner
Scalloped Strawberries Wool Applique
Scare-Crow Wool Applique
Scaredy Jacks
Scrappy Flower Basket
Scrappy Penny Candle Mat
Scrappy Primitive Pennies
Seaside - Wool Applique
Seasons of Change - Wool Applique Candlemats
Our Price:  $9.00  
Settler's Pride - Wool Quilt
Our Price:  $48.00  
Seven Santas
Our Price:  $9.50  
Seven Snowmen
Sheep Oasis Wool Applique Table Runner and Twig Bag
Our Price:  $10.00  
Silent Night - Holy Night, Wool Applique Penny Rug
Snow Angel
Our Price:  $9.00  
Snow Babies Candle Mat
Snow Happy - Wool Applique Wall Quilt
Snow Mittens Candle Mat
Snowdrops - Wool Applique Table Runner
Snowflakes and Peppermints Stockings
Snowman for Hire Wool Kit
Snowman JOY Pillow
Snowy Days Quilt
Snowy Gathering
Soft Fuse Fusible Web
Our Price:  $10.00  
Songbirds Table Mat Kit
Spool-N-Around Wool Applique
Our Price:  $10.00  
Spring Banners
Spring Bulbs Table Runner
Spring Crazy Table Mat
Spring Fling - Wool Applique Runner
Spring Revival - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $16.00  
Spring Seasonal Basket - Wool Applique
Spring Time Tulips
Spring Tulips Wool Table Mat
St. Nicholas Mini Mat
Star Bright Angel Tree Skirt
Our Price:  $9.50  
Starlite Friends - Wool Applique
Stars Shelf Scarf
Strawberries and Cream Table Mat
Strawberry Season - Mini Wool Penny Rug
Strawberry Trio
Strolling Santa - Wool Applique Table Mat
Summer Banners
Summer Crazy Table Mat
Summer on the Farm
Summer Sampler
Our Price:  $10.00  
Summer Seasonal Basket - Wool Applique
Summer Show Stopper - Wool Applique Runner
Summer Sorbet
Our Price:  $10.00  
Summer Time Blooms
Summer Wild Flowers Wool Kit
Summer Wool Runner
Summertime Coneflowers
Sunflower and Bittersweet Wool Table Mat
Sunflower and Chickens
Sunflower Postcard
Our Price:  $2.00  
Sunflower Trio - Wool Penny Rug
Sunflowers - Small Wool Applique Quilt
Our Price:  $8.00  
Sunflowers - -Wool Applique Penny Rug
Sunflowers and Thistle Wool Kit
Sunflowers Hooked Rug on Linen
Our Price:  $33.50  
Sunflowers Hooked Rug on Monk's Cloth
Our Price:  $28.50  
Sunnyside Up
Susies World - Wool Applique - Part 1
Susies World - Wool Applique - Part 2
Susies World - Wool Applique - Part 3
Susies World - Wool Applique - Part 4
Suzannas Flowers - Wool Applique Pillow and Table Runner
Our Price:  $9.50  
Sweet as Honey
Tavern House - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $28.00  
Thanksgiving Pumpkin
The Bee Farm Wool Applique Mats
The Bundling Board-Quilting Pattern
Our Price:  $9.50  
The Climbing Tree
The Country Maiden
Our Price:  $9.00  
The Flower Cart - Wool Applique
The Great Pumpkin - Wool Applique
The Neighborhood Table Mat
The Window Box - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.50  
Thistle Dew Wool Applique Bags
Our Price:  $10.00  
Three Holiday Patterns in One!
Our Price:  $14.00  
Tidings of Peace Table Mat Kit and Book
Our Price:  $34.00  
Tis the Season - Wool Applique
Our Price:  $9.00  
Tis the Season Wool Penny Rug
Our Price:  $9.00  
To Plant a Flower - Wool Applique
Truck Full of Joy Kit
Tulip Basket Table Mat
Our Price:  $7.00  
Tulip Gathering - Wool Applique
Tulip Gathering Wool Applique
Tussie - Mussie
Tuxedo Cat Wool Applique Mat
Tuxedo Tales - April
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - August
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - December
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - February
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - January
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - July
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - June
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - March
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - May
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - November
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - October
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedo Tales - September
Our Price:  $5.00  
Tuxedos Garden
Tweets 4 You Wool Applique Bags
Our Price:  $10.00  
Two Old Crows - Wool Applique
Two Prim Snowmen - Wool Applique Table Mat
Two Santas - Wool Applique Table Runner
Under the Cherry Trees - Wool Applique Penny Rug
Under the Stars - Wool Applique Table Runner
Van Tassels Pumpkins Wool Applique
Vermont Autumn
Vintage Bunnies - Wool Applique Candle Mat
Vintage Red Toweling - Middle Stripes
Our Price:  $9.00  
Vintage Sunflower Table Mat
Vintage Tan Toweling - Side Stripes
Our Price:  $9.00  
Vintage Truck - April
Vintage Truck - January
Vintage Truck - March
Vintage Truck - May
Vintage Truck - September
Vintage Truck Mini - April
Vintage Truck Mini - August
Vintage Truck Mini - December
Vintage Truck Mini - February
Vintage Truck Mini - January
Vintage Truck Mini - July
Vintage Truck Mini - June
Vintage Truck Mini - March
Vintage Truck Mini - May
Vintage Truck Mini - November
Vintage Truck Mini - October
Vintage Truck Mini - September
Water Lily Magic Wool Applique Runner
We Three Trees - Wool Applique
Weeping Willow Tree
White Flowers - Wool Applique Table Mat
Wild Sunflowers Runner
Winter Banners
Winter Bouquet - Wool Applique Runner
Winter Cabin Table Mat
Winter Cardinal
Winter Crazy Table Mat
Winter Fantasy Wool Applique Wallhanging
Winter Friends - Wool Applique Candle Mat
Winter Gathering Pinkeeps
Our Price:  $9.00  
Winter Haven Wool Applique Wallhanging
Winter Seasonal Basket - Wool Applique
Winter Sleigh Ride - Wool Applique
Winter Village
Winter Wool Runner
With Love - Wool Applique Collection
Our Price:  $9.50  
Wonders of Winter Table Runner Kit
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - April
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - August
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - December
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - February
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - January
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - July
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - June
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - March
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - May
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - November
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - October
Wool and Needle Handwork BOM - September
Wool Ark Crazy
Wool Christmas Crazy - Wool Applique Table Runner
Our Price:  $12.00  
Wool Crazy Year - April Bunny Kit
Wool Crazy Year - August Squirrel and Acorn Welcome
Wool Crazy Year - December Merry Christmas
Wool Crazy Year - February Heart
Wool Crazy Year - January Snowman
Wool Crazy Year - July Sunflower and Crow Welcome
Wool Crazy Year - June Sheep Welcome
Wool Crazy Year - March Pineapple Welcome
Wool Crazy Year - May Flowers
Wool Crazy Year - November Turkey
Wool Crazy Year - October Duo
Wool Crazy Year - September Fall Trio
Wool Fall Crazy - Wool Applique
Wool Flower Basket - Wool Applique Table Runner
Wool Garden Crazy - Wool Applique Wall Hanging
Wool Tulip Crossing Table Mat
Our Price:  $10.00  
Woolen Stars
Woolen Sunflower
Woolen Sunflower Mat
Yuletide Pumpkins Wool Applique
Zinnia Postcard
Our Price:  $2.00  
Zinnias Wool Applique Mat
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Snowman JOY Pillow
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Sulky 12 wt Black 712-1005
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Vintage Truck Mini - December
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Winter Fantasy Wool Applique Wallhanging
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